Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 30: 10 more weeks maman

Fetal development in pregnancy week 30

15.7 in | 40 cm
3 lbs | 1.3 kg
Woohoo! You can finally see the finish line now that you're in the final quarter of the race!!!
Whether you felt like your pregnancy's been flying by or slower than a snail scaling Everest, you've arrived in your thirtieth week and your baby's cookin' beautifully!

In animal news: the fine lanugo hair that covers their little monkey-like body will start falling off this week in preparation for the big day.

Still, don't be too shocked if your baby ape is hairier than you’d anticipated. Some babies keep their lanugo after birth - which is totally normal, and it will fall off eventually.

Checking in on the fat factory: your little porker is getting even cuter with increasingly pudgy arms and legs, thanks to their ever-growing layers of subcutaneous brown fat.

In terms of numbers, your big ol' baby should be weighing in at around 3 pounds 12 ounces (or more!) and be nearly 16 inches long!

Keep up the good work you two!

ps: alhamdulilah, 10 more weeks to go..i just can't wait to see u my dear baby. mummy n ddy always wondering who u'll be look like,me or ur ddy. :) 

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